Southern Vermont Trail Riders

SVTRSouthern Vermont Trail Riders atv club is a non-profit organization started in 2006 to promote the development of recreational areas in Vermont. With VASA membership, SVTR members have the right to ride on any of the Vermont trails included on the SVTR map.

For more information, contact Lloyd Church at 802-874-4073, Bill Ortlieb at 802-387-4830 or Ray Leeman at 802-348-4693.



Scott Covered Bridge

The longest single span covered bridge in Vermont (166 feet). On Rte. 30. It spans the West River below Townshend Dam. Built in 1870. Excellent photo opportunities.

Townshend State Park, Dam & Recreation Area  

Fine swimming from sandy beach.  Wide stretch of water for wind sailing.  Excellent picnic area with tables, rest rooms, and changing areas.  Private camping sites (no hook ups).  Hiking trail up Bald Mt. to panoramic views. State Park Road.  Call early for camping reservations.  802-365-7500.

Townshend Furniture Company


In response to a recent inquiry:

Originally it was called Willard's mill during the early 1900's. The next owner I know about was Burbee who owned it before World War II. He sold it to Larry Lisle and his wife who made your piece of furniture & mine. I knew Larry and he owned Townshend Furniture from about 1946? for about 20 years and he made the fine quality furniture that bears the labels you have. I also have a secretary - a desk with storage spaces above. Lisle sold the business to Norman & Junellen Lott, who ran it but made heavy pine, ski lodge furniture - tables, chairs, etc. Today the Townshend Furniture company is no longer in existence. The building is still there and the sign on the outside of the building says Townshend Furniture, but they do not make furniture any more.

I hope this helps you.

Walter Meyer


Townshend Historical Society

Historical information and preservation. P.O. Box 202 Townshend, VT 05353