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Minutes Meeting May 10

Townshend Business Association –

Members Present:

Kevin Burke

Ian Harrison

Stephanie Schryba

Walter Meyer


Started at 7:15pm

Discussed checking account and signature cards.

Treasure reported $3,851.68 in Checking acct. and $251.27 in other acct.

Pumpkin Festival was discussed and ads in Manchester & Greenfield, MA.

Discussed future of TBA, possible projects, special events for the Pumpkin Festival.

Walter discussed PF with Ian and will go ahead with PF vendor press releases at once.

Other methods of promotion for PF were discussed. No decision made.

Much discussion regarding Articles of Incorporation.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30pm.



Walter Meyer

Minutes Taker

2016-4-19 Meeting Minutes

Present: Stephanie Schryba
              Bob DeSiervo
              Beth-Ann Agostini
              Katja Matthews

Handover of president's documents: Katja to drop off at the Dam Diner and Stephanie to hand over to Kevin when he came back from China

Welcome Center display: had two months this winter, February and March which was great but then again winter was very slow compared to other years before.

Finance: $3,851 on the books right now, $251 is special savings account (decided to keep it for special scholarship fund)

IRS: Received application acknowledgement, dated 4/5/16. Thanks to Beth-Ann and team for finishing the paperwork and Liz for getting the ball rolling. Beth-Ann's secretary got a GC from the Dam Diner for $50 for doing the paperwork, Stephanie to be paid back by TBA

Membership: letters to go out asap. Keep the $69 for 2016?
How many potential members could we get?? Let's go after all the small businesses and highlight the brochure and online presence

Pumpkin Festival: Ian will you still be involved this year with move etc?
On the website: Kevin and Ian in charge
Have applications out early this year at Riverbend Market and Credit Union

Fire department: contribution for cones to put out, still needs to be paid! $100 check and Thank You letter from Stephanie to print out

Bob: Liability insurance for TBA for Pumpkin Festival and all events we do. We could do a one event only - could the town possibly put us on their insurance for one day? A small policy would cost around $400/ year - Bob to do some more research. Has had prior experience with other non profit organizations. Also could we get through Brattleboro Chamber?? Katja to find out.

Next Meeting Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at the Dam Diner

Minutes of TBA meeting, 6th October 2015


Bob DeSiervo
Walter Meyer
Harold Kvitek
Lois Kvitek
Celina Ayers
Stephanie Schryba
Ian Harrison
Kevin Burke
John Evans
Rodney Rawson

    Walter will edit PF program for 2015
    Stephanie to purchase 75-100 pumpkins for decorating contest
    Bob to put up signs by Taft Hill Collection
    Bob & Rodney to maark the lines on the Common
    Ian to Emcee
    John has put the Banner up on the Common
    Bob to get key for the Wooden electrical box
    Ian to ask Scott Hitchcock for key to electrical box near to Gazebo
    Ian to get in touch with Judy Tietz re. organizing children
    Bob & Rodney to deliver PF program to schools
    Bob to give description of TBA and its purpose to Townshend Church Newsletter
    Those present at the meeting selected the winners of the Poster Competition
    Kevin to put winners of Poster Competition on the website.


Next Meeting 13th October at 6.30pm at the Dam Diner.