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2015-7-14 TBA Meeting Minutes


John Evans
Harold Kvitek
Ian Harrison
Stephanie Schryba
Bob DeServo
Katja Matthews
Kevin Burke

    Minutes of last meeting read and accepted.
    Kevin currently revamping our website.
    Congratulations to TBA members who took part in Chronicle TV show.
    Big spike in website visitors as a result of Chronicle.
    5 possible Vendors for PF as a result of the press releases.
    Katja to send out e-mail re. membership dues as brochure will soon be printed.
    Harold confirmed he is available for the Pumpkin festival.
    For Picnic Stephanie will do main course and the shrimp, Attendees bring side dish or dessert.
    Liz has sent email to membership re. the Picnic on August 11th.
    9 more paying vendors for PF received.
    26 membership dues received.
    Discussion re. advertising the TBA businesses on Public Radio.
    Clog dancers to appear at PF.
    Discussion re. musicians for PF.
    Have individual business brochures available at TBA tent at the PF.
    Have two meetings in October. The 6th and the 13th starting at 6.30pm.
    Send out minutes during the week following the meeting.

        Next meeting is the Picnic at Liz and Ian's on August 11th as per the email